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Get your SSC Result 2024 Marksheet with subject-wise marks and numbers.

The SSC Result for Bangladesh in 2024 will be released on Today for all Education Boards with marksheet numbers. Results for SSC and equivalent exams will be published on Update. The Education Board of Bangladesh will release the SSC Exam Result 2023

Education Minister Dipu Moni said that the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and its equivalent test results for 2024 would be released on Today. 

SSC Exam 2023
SSC Exam 2024

For The Students Who Attended The SSC Exam 2024, The SSC & Dakhil Result 2024 Published Date is Very Important.

In Bangladesh, the SSC examination is a well-respected public test. It is crucial to remember that the SSC exam is regarded as a mid-level public exam in the nation. Under the direction of the Ministry of Education, the Bangladesh Education Board began administering the exam on April 30th, 2024. 

The Ministry of Education is in charge of administering the SSC and its equivalent tests. Online Result Publication System for Educational Boards in Bangladesh

SSC Result 2024

At the same time and date, the results of the Secondary School Certificate (SSC), Dhakil, and similar exams are published. So, you can find the result publishing date and checking system here. 
In this article, we'll discuss how to use SMS and online systems to get results. We'll cover the details of the SSC Vocational Result 2024 later.

The SSC Results will be released on Today, 2024. Exams at the secondary school level are taken by a sizable number of students. 20,21,689 students from various centers showed up for the exam. There were 3,412 or more testing locations. 

Boys students made up 10,23,212 of them, while girls students made up 10,08,687 of them. Therefore, there are 14,525 more boys than girls who show up for the school-level exam. 

On July 23, 2023, the Authority Will Release The Results. Inform The News senior officer from the Ministry of Education. The outcome will be released after 2:00 PM.

The number of students taking the exam increased by 245,286 compared to the previous year. The exam was conducted by the Ten Education Boards of Bangladesh, with 114,769 students attending the Bangladesh Technical Education Board, 289,752 students attending the Bangladesh Madrasah Education Board, and 1,627,378 students attending the General Education Board. Additionally, there were 458 students from abroad who took the exam.

SSC Result 2023 will be released
SSC Result 2023 will be released

SSC Result 2024 Published Date

Everyone is wondering when the SSC Result 2024 will be released. The precise timing of the announcement of the results has been a frequently questioned question by many people. 

It is crucial to keep in mind that in Bangladesh, results for public exams are often made public within 90 days of the exam's start date or 60 days after it ends. You can determine the date the results will be published by counting back 60 days from the exam's conclusion.

The practical exam for SSC Result 2024 will end on May 30 after the written exam was finished on May 23. According to the aforementioned guideline, May 23rd will mark the 60th day following the end of the exam. We can therefore confidently forecast that the result will be released on July 23, 2024.

Name of the ExamSecondary School Certificate (SSC)
SSC Result PublishedUpdate
Total Boards11 Education Boards
Total Candidates20,21,689
Passing Rate87.44%

SSC Exam Result 2023

You must verify with one of the processes we have listed above after 12 PM on the result publishing date if you wish to download your full mark sheet for the SSC Result 2023. Online, you can quickly download or check your complete grade sheet. 

You may find the SSC Result 2024 with Marksheet on eboardresults. You may find out your subject-specific marks by looking at the SSC Exam Result Marksheet.

Examinations for the Bangladesh Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and its equivalents will be held in 2024 by ten educational boards. 

Below are provided all education board information and result instructions.

Statistics of SSC Candidates

Name of the Board & CategoryNo. of candidates
Nine General Boards14, 16, 721
Madrasah Board2, 40, 466
Technical Board1, 09, 416
Male students8, 83, 363
Female students8, 83, 240
Total candidates17, 66, 603
Total Exam Center3,565
Total educational institutions28,884
From Seven foreign Centers342

How To Check SSC Results

The Best Way to Check Public Exam Results in Bangladesh is through Education Board Results Gov BD. You may instantly and for free check your results using this Bangladesh Education Board result check page. 

What can one do after visiting the link, do you know? Read responsibly now.
Education Board Results Gov BD

How To Check SSC Results 2023 Online

The Best Way to Check Public Exam Results in Bangladesh is through Education Board Results Gov BD. You may instantly and for free check your results using this Bangladesh Education Board result check page. What can one do after visiting the link, do you know? 
Read responsibly now.

The Education Board of Bangladesh has introduced a new alternative server for checking public exam results. 

This server offers four new result categories: Individual, Institution, District-wise, and Center-wise results. 

Students can use any of these categories to check their results for any Education Board in Bangladesh.

After Visiting the link 

  • Select the Education type, which is SSC/Dakhil
  • Then, Select Your Education Board Name from the List of Education Board Bangladesh.
  • Then, enter your SSC 6 digit Roll Number and Registration Number,
  • Select SSC Passing Year.
  • Then prove yourself as a Human and
  • submit the Info to get your SSC Result.

SSC Result through Mobile SMS:

To know your SSC Result, please register after it has been published by the Education Board of Bangladesh. You can send an SMS to the number 16222 by typing the following message:

SSC (Space) Board Name (Space) Roll (Space) Year and send it to 16222.

You can check your result quickly by sending a short message from your mobile phone with the necessary information. 
Make sure you have 2.44 BDT or enough balance in your account before sending the message. The SMS format is as follows:

SSC <space> First Three Letters of Your Education Board Name <space> Your 6 Digit Roll Number <space> 2023 (Passing Year). Send the message to 16222.

When you send the message to 16222, the cost will be deducted instantly from your account, and you will receive a confirmation SMS with your result. Remember, you can only check your result after the Education Board of Bangladesh publishes it.

SSC Result by EIIN:

Students or guardians can check the SSC Exam Result 2023 using the EIIN number. 

EIIN means Educational Institution Identification Number. With this number, students can check results for entering the institute. The SSC Result 2023 by EIIN number can be found on the website

SSC Result for Dhaka Education Board

The Dhaka Education Board is responsible for administering all public schools in the entire Dhaka Division. The board was established on May 7th, 1921, and is responsible for conducting SSC and HSC exams. You can find more details on their official website:

To check your SSC Result for Dhaka Education Board, visit their official website and click on the Result Menu. You can quickly check your SSC Exam Result without any errors from the internal server of the Dhaka Education Board.

Alternatively, you can also send a message to 16222 with the following format:

“SSC<space>DHA<space>121122<space>2023”. Here, 121122 is your SSC Roll Number Example. If you have an Android smartphone, you can also follow the section of the Result Check System with Android Mobile Apps to know more.

Chittagong Education Board 

The Chittagong Education Board is an autonomous organization responsible for conducting public exams such as SSC, HSC, and JSC. It began its operations in 1995. If you want to check your SSC exam result under the Chittagong Education Board, you can visit their official website and click on the Result section. You can also send an SMS to 16222 with the format "SSC<space> CHI <space> Your Roll Number <space>2023".

Comilla Education Board SSC Exam Result:

The Comilla Education Board, also known as the Board of Secondary Education, conducts the SSC Exam and publishes the Secondary School Certificate exam results for the five districts of Comilla Division. The Comilla Board was established in the year 1962.

SSC Result Dinajpur Education Board:

Dinajpur Education Board is the latest addition to the education boards in Bangladesh. Unfortunately, there is no internal server available on the official website of the Dinajpur Education Board to check the result. To check your Dinajpur Board SSC Result or any other public exam results, you can only check it through the Educationboardresults gov BD website.

SSC Result Sylhet Education Board:

To check the Sylhet Education Board SSC Result, visit the Sylhet Board's official website and check your result. Once you reach the Sylhet Education Board's official website, click on the Result menu located on the top menu bar. This will allow you to quickly check your result. The Sylhet Education Board was established in 1999, so you can find the Sylhet Education Board Result, which will be published here.

Barisal Education Board SSC Exam Result

The Barisal Education Board will release the SSC Exam Result on the internet, SMS, and Android apps simultaneously. The board administers three significant public exams in Bangladesh. You can find more details about the Barisal Board on their official website:

Jessore Education Board SSC Exam Result

The Jessore Education Board started its operation with the Khulna Division in 1963. You can find more information about the Jessore Board on their official website. The board is responsible for publishing the SSC, HSC, and JSC exam results of its related districts.

Rajshahi Education Board SSC Exam Result

This article is significant for those who appeared in the SSC Exam under the Rajshahi Education Board. Every examinee needs to have a clear understanding of the available result check methods provided by the education board they took the public exam under. The Rajshahi Education Board started its operation in 1961. You can check the Rajshahi Board SSC Exam Result from this post by following the instructions on how to get the result online and through SMS.

Madrasah Education Board Dakhil Result

Dakhil is the equivalent exam of SSC, which is conducted by the Bangladesh Madrasah Education Board. You can check your Dakhil result through SMS and online methods. The board was established in 1780, but it started operating independently in 1979. Did you know that Dakhil exam was made equivalent to SSC in 1985? So, you can check your Dakhil result 2023 from here.

SSC Vocational Result

SSC Vocational Exam is conducted by the Bangladesh Technical Education Board. The SSC Vocational Result 2023 will be published at the same time as the SSC & Dakhil result. Vocational education refers to technical education and to improve it, the government has taken some steps. If you are a vocational student, you can check your results like the general education board. Just select the technical board while checking the result online.

To check the SSC Vocational Result via SMS, send a message with the format "SSC TEC 123456 2023" to 16222. The theoretical exam for SSC Vocational started on April 30 and ended on May 23, 2023, while the practical exam was held from May 24 to May 30, 2023. In Bangladesh, after completing secondary school education, students take the SSC exam under one of the ten education boards responsible for controlling and evaluating the SSC results in 2023.

This is the final section of the article regarding the SSC Exam Result 2023. We hope that you have found all the information you were looking for. If you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback about this article, please feel free to ask us. We are happy to assist you with any queries, such as the result release date or any other related information.

If you want to receive your SSC Result 2023 quickly, please leave a comment below with your Roll Number, Registration Number, and Board Name. We will respond to your comment with your result as soon as possible. Thank you for choosing us as your information source.

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