Write Application For Leave/Extension of Leave Format, Samples and Tips


 Leave Extension Application Form

(All details must be filled in English and in capital letters)

Write Application For LeaveExtension of Leave Format, Samples and Tips
Write Application For LeaveExtension of Leave Format, Samples and Tips

The Leave Extension Application Form is a standardized document designed to facilitate the formal request for an extension of leave from work. The form is structured to capture essential personal details in English and capital letters to ensure clarity and accuracy.

How To Write A Leave Extension Letter

Personal Details:

Name of the Applicant: Sanjida Akter

Designation: Assistant Teacher

Employee ID: 914189545456

Workplace: West Madarbari Girls Govt. Primary School, Doublemooring, Chattogram

Contact No: 01700000000

Email: example@gmail.com

Purpose of Leave Extension:

Extension Reason: Husband's Treatment

Leave Extension Duration: 6 Months (180 Days)

Previous Leave Duration: 1 Month (30 Days)

Hospital Name: Apollo Hospital, New York, U.S.A

Current Stay Address: House No - F4, Brookline, New York, U.S.A

Emergency Contact:

Emergency Contact Name: Mohammad Hasan Mahamud

Emergency Contact No: 01800000000

Official Details:

Controlling Authority Name: Mst. Alya Akter

Designation: T.E.O (Thana Education Officer)

Office Address: T.E.O Office, Doublemooring, Chattogram

Office Contact No: 01600000000

Office Email ID: Example@gmail.com

Enclosed Documents (Mandatory):

  • Government Order
  • Request Letter
  • Hospital Recommendation Letter
  • Entry Seal
  • Visa Copy
  • Passport Copy

Date: .................

Place: ...............


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